filling the gapa docudrama extensively  researched and beautifully crafted, presents Black achievers as inventors, artisans and craftsmen, and brings to life the significance of both military and non-combat service of “people of color” during  the Civil war era allowing viewers to see history from a new angle; offering
vignettes with three dimensional portrayals of patriots such as Frederick Douglas, Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Phyllis Wheatley, and the numerous heroic acts of ordinary people of color who helped make America what it is today.

Re-enacator Mary J. Fears and Filmmaker Tyrone young join together to Produce Filling the gap. To change the way the way  Black American Children think about their ancestors -  and themselves - with a film, offering an education, that school textbooks have failed to offer.

What people are saying about Filling the Gap....

"I enjoyed this documentary very much. I am a junior in high school and I’m in Advanced Placement U.S. History. Most of the stories portrayed are ones I’ve read in depth about. But this time it was a whole different experience by watching what I’ve learned on screen. It made the stories more personal and real".  - Leslie Tavaras, Student-

This film can’t be put out there soon enough. A much needed part of our educational system and bravo to Sojourner Truth! Brilliant job with the “Aint I a woman” speech.

-Nicole Sputtke,- Orlando, FL,

Well done! The best depiction of the African-American history during a bleak and sad period of American history. We need this film in every school in Florida, nationwide and the world. I will assist in this process in the Florida African-American history. 

- Patrick C Coggins -, Stetson University