Filling the Gap: A forgotten chapter of

                                                                       American History

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Hi Mary,
Pacific’s History and Ethnic Studies programs recently hosted filmmaker Tyrone Young for a screening of his film “Filling the Gap” as part of Black History Month.   The film highlights the contributions of African immigrants and African-Americans to U.S. History prior to the Civil War.  The response from the local community was exceptional.  Audience members at our event and at an event hosted at the Stockton San Joaquin Public Library asked repeatedly, “where can we get a copy of the film?”I recommend that the library purchase a copy of the film so that we’ll be able to do multiple screenings in the future, both for classroom use and special events.Here’s the website of the film that provides further information.

I believe the library can place the order directly from the website.

Greg Rohlf Chair, Department of History